"Then the looker resides in his own nature."  1:3

Through practice, we come to rest in our true Self, a sort of "witness" consciousness which is revealed as separate

from our usual mental activities and assumptions.

This "own nature" is realized by each individual and in their own time; as the myriad mistaken identities (perpetuated by old habits, ego, doubts and attachments), are recognized and let go.

Stephanie Graf - In the Fall of 2009 I took a six week yoga class with Jeff Rule at Jefferson County Community College, after the first class I felt like I had the flu, but I loved it, I was hooked and my yoga journey began and it hasn’t ended.  September – December 2014 I took my 200-hour yoga teacher certification with Kathy McNames at Yoga Vermont in Burlington, completing it in December 2014.


Soon thereafter I became 1 of 5 trainers in the country to teach the 4-H Yoga for Kids curriculum developed by the University of Arkansas, and have trained approximately 100 adults to teach the curriculum to youth in New York.  I earned a teacher certification from Lakshmi Voelker in chair yoga in 2016 and a teacher certification from Judith Hansson Lasiter in restorative yoga in 2017.  In February 2018 I started my 500-hour yoga teacher certification with Mary Flinn and completed it in November 2018!  We were introduced to Kundalini yoga and in March 2019 I was honored to take a four day Kundalini yoga workshop with Guru Singh.  My philosophy is to never stop learning.

Nadia Garib - I started my training as a dancer when I was 15 years old, and I started teaching when I was 19 years old. My formal education in dance extends from jazz to modern such as Cunningham, Limon, Graham, and Horton techniques to name a few. I also studied ballet with Cuban and Russian teachers in Caracas and New York City for many years.


I made a transition from dancing to physical fitness and advanced my knowledge of body movement and became a physical trainer.  I have taken workshops in Indian dance, Thai chi and I have begun studies in yoga. My adventure with yoga started when I found Jeff’s classes and fell in love with yoga all over again, after studying for more than a year I felt the need to share what i know.


I blended my previous knowledge of dance and physical training with my experience in yoga. I am here to teach what has been taught to me and also what I have discovered with kindness, focus and breathing.

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Jean Tabolt - My passion for yoga and dedication to community wellness led me to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Ma.  I received my yoga teacher certification in 2013.  Shortly after, I began teaching yoga at Satyana as well as at the middle school where I've worked as a prevention counselor for nearly 20 years.


I am devoted to sharing the many benefits of yoga with the community and

in addition to teaching, bringing yoga education through community and

state presentations including the 26th Annual CNY Prevention Conference in May of 2014.

Sukha marichyasana

Barb Eldridge - My yoga journey started 14 years ago by taking classes here and there. Then I discovered Jeff Rule’s studio and I was hooked. Practicing Ashtanga yoga with both Jeff and Kathy Falge was when yoga became an important part of my life. I realized the transformative effects of yoga on and off the mat. I learned that yoga heals your body and your psyche.


Through the desire to share yoga with others I went to teacher training at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Heath for my 200 hour certification. I continue to attend training workshops. As a yoga teacher I try to keep my classes somewhere between accessible and challenging. I want my students to feel comfort in their movements so that the movement can become a catalyst for discovery and healing. Above all I want my students to find comfort in their own skin.

sukhasana, mindfulness, breath, peacefullness

Kathy Falge - HI! I have been a student, practitioner and teacher in the Ashtanga tradition since 2003. In 2007 Jeff and I took our first trip to India to study Ashtanga Yoga at the source, KPJAYI in Mysore. This was memorable because we had the honor of practicing directly with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Since then, I have returned to Mysore four more times to continue to study with my teacher, Sharath. In 2014 Sharath gave me his blessing teach the Ashtanga yoga method with level 2 authorization. I am honored to be able to share this beautiful and transformative yoga method with others.


Additional yoga studies include two month-long teacher intensives with Richard Freeman, a year practicing and apprenticing with Christine Hoar in Bristol, VT, and certification as an Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher (200-hour level). I’m a NYS licensed Massage Therapist and hold an MA degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University.


Of course, your own practice is the best teacher. Listening to your breath, studying your body's alignment and observing

your thoughts are really how we learn, but a good teacher can speed up the process.

A good teacher has experienced many of the same challenges that each student faces and can help to navigate these pitfalls.


On this page you can meet our teachers and learn a bit more about them.  Please drop in on their classes and find

some inspiration, encouragement and assistance to help you feel at home and support your own practice.

Jeff Rule - I discovered yoga in 1973 when I found a commentary

on the Yoga Sutras and a copy of Be Here Now by Ram Das. For many years I practiced at home,

using these books for my teachers, until taking my first class in the mid '80s. It was

there where I found a like-minded and supportive colony of yogis and yoginis

whose lineage and heart-filled practice was the perfect incubator.


The pursuit of this practice has led me to many different and

wonderful studios around the world, and to the home of ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India.


A lot has changed since college and I recognize that my definition of yoga is still evolving.

For myself, it's not rigid but open to experimentation and there is always more to learn!

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