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Focus or dhristi: Keep your gaze steady and your attention will remain here.

Press down through the feet, feel grounded and stable and reflect all that energy into lift.

Breathe all the way in and all the way out, through the nose and with sound to feel calm and unhurried.

Use the bandhas to help unlock the energy of the pose. Feel stronger and go deeper without strain.

"The postures of yoga should be steady, stable and comfortable."  2:46

Feel Good Yoga / with Nova  Inspire, uplift and add joy to your practice. We access a variety of yoga styles and movements tailored to energetic wellness. Put your practice in your own hands using modifications to accommodate your unique needs for that particular class day. Suitable for all humans- no experience required, just a sense of curiosity.

911 Yoga w/ Jeff A short form of the ashtanga primary series- a practical approach to learning hatha yoga; through repetition you can focus the mind by linking the specific posture sequence with an audible counting of breaths. Please feel free to use modifications to adapt the practice to your current level. With an optional short seated meditation practice to close.

Self-Practice  Free. Not a class, but the studio is available early mornings for your personal yoga practice. An opportunity for community and support, you can start anytime the studio is not being used and finish at your own pace. Contact the studio if you need access to the front door.

Hatha Mixer / with Jeff   Start your weekend with an energizing yoga practice and a blend of hatha yoga styles readily adaptable for all levels. Discover the underlying connections of those different 'schools' of yoga. Move, play and explore. Have some fun, maybe try out a new posture or two and maybe change your approach to your practice.

Gentle Yoga / with Nadia  Suitable for anyone, fun for everyone. A morning class offering authentic, simpler postures at a quieter pace. Suitable for new students and those who prefer a more gentle practice. With emphasis on breathing and slow, gentle stretches with subtle movements to awaken a compassionate awareness. A practical way to launch your busy day.

Yoga Class Descriptions

TGIF Yoga / with Nadia  Stretch, breathe, relax. Unwind after a hectic week on Friday evenings. This class invites you to slow things down a bit and decompress. Suitable for all those type-a's who would love to release some tension and recover a sense of relaxation, have some fun and feel supported.

Mysore Practice w/ Jeff Free. A led practice in the traditional mysore style- the counting of breaths in sanskrit is the only instruction. You learn the sequence and postures using your own growing confidence and experience as your teacher. Without dialogue, its a quiet opportunity in a busy world to connect to your body and work beneath the level of words or ideas.

For yoga to be a catalyst for transformation, find a class that fits your current capacity and yet challenges you to grow.

You are invited to drop-in on any class or to try it out. Use modifications for postures until your body and practice develop.

 All our classes offer classic breathing and mindfulness techniques which help focus and refine your concentration.

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