For yoga to be a catalyst for transformation, find a class that fits your current capability and yet challenges you to grow.

You are invited to drop in on any class to try it out. Use modifications to postures until your body and practice develop.

 All our classes teach classic breathing and mindfullness techniques which help to focus and refine your concentration.

Focus or dhristi: Keep your gaze steady and your attention will remain here.

Press down through the feet, feel grounded and stable and reflect all that energy into lift.

Breathe all the way in and all the way out, through the nose and with sound to feel calm and unhurried.

Use the bandhas to help unlock the energy of the pose. Feel stronger and go deeper without strain.

"The postures of yoga should be steady, stable and comfortable."  2:46

Yoga Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Basics / with Kathy Introduces the primary series, a strong flowing practice. Learn the postures and modifications while also syncing breath with movement. For all students- practice at your own capacity and grow.

Beginning Yoga / with Jean and Rugmani  Simple yoga postures combined with breath and body awareness techniques to facilitate stillness and focus. Energize, relax and feel better as you learn to incorporate yoga into daily life. Special rates available for new students.

Breath Inspired Practices / with Clancy  Help balance the nervous system with a breath-inspired flow, guided pranayama, some meditation and chanting. This class is appropriate for all bodies and open minds.

Dynamic Yoga / with Kendra  Dynamic Yoga Flow is a strong practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, and mental focus. Unwind and build confidence and finish off with a deep relaxation. Suitable for everyone.

Gentle Yoga / with Nadia  An early morning yoga practice with emphasis on breathing, slow, gentle stretches and subtle movement awakening a compassionate awareness. Suitable for anyone, fun for everyone.

Hatha Mixer / with Jeff An eclectic mix of yoga styles suitable for all levels. Discover the underlying unity of different 'schools' and their varied energies. Have some fun, maybe experience a new practice and jump-start your weekend.

Kripalu Yoga / with Barb Also known as meditation-in-motion, a safe practice for new students and old who want to deepen their understanding of yoga and decompress with a non-competitive, fun and heart-filled practice.

Mindful Yoga / with Stephanie  Flex, stretch, balance, breath and try something new through a guided blend of postures. Appropriate for all levels-seniors and anyone who is interested in making some time for themselves to strengthen their mind and body.

Morning Flow / with Nadia  Begin your day with a guided yoga class and feel the difference in your energy, focus and intention all day long. Start out right with some encouragement, guidance and companionship.

TGIF Yoga / with Nadia  Stretch, breathe, relax." Unwind after a hectic week in this Friday class that invites you to slow things down a bit and decompress. Suitable for all the type-a's who would like to release tension and recover.

Vinyasa Yoga / with Nadia  An energetic yoga practice fluctuating between varied poses and sequences while focusing on proper foundation, alignment and breathing. Aim for understanding and furthering mindfulness.

Vinyasa Flow / with Tara  A new class, using flowing movement to link postures with breath, placing an emphasis upon alignment and the bio-mechanics of postures. Suitable for mixed level experience.

Self-Practice  The yoga studio is open each morning for your own personal practice. You are invited to drop by for yoga practice and find support and community. Self-practice sessions are free. Contact the studio if you need access to the front door.

Suite 13 - Paddock Arcade - Downtown Watertown - 315.783.0588