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The foundations for modern yoga go back many thousands of years to ancient India.

The first written teachings on the practices of yoga are attributed to Patanjali, the author of "The Yoga Sutras."


In 196 sutras, or verses, he describes what yoga is and how to go about attaining it. Patanjali begins:

"Yoga is the cessation of the thought waves of the mind."  1:2

Breathe! Don't think. Breathe! Nuts I'm thinking again!

Ohh man, why did I eat that whole bag of chips? Yuck!

I really need to get to the store right after class.

I can't stand that loud truck outside! Why doesn't it just go away?

Maybe the teacher will notice how bendy I am getting!

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If you're interested in learning more about yoga, or in refining your existing practice,

you've come to the right place. We're pretty serious about yoga and having a bit of fun besides.

Check out our class schedule and our teacher's page and we hope you will find a nice fit here.

Click this image to view or to download a JPG version of a one hour self-practice, as led monday-wednesday-friday morning at 7 am in the studio.


In the best interests of our students, our teachers and our community we have canceled classes.

We hope everyone will be safe and perhaps even find some time to practice on their own.

All class passes will remain valid when we resume our schedule. Please contact us if you would like any refunds.




An open letter to our students and friends- (8/29/2020)


the recent announcement of requirements for gyms to reopen in nys still leaves the immediate future of our studio in suspended animation.


simply put, we won't be investing in the expensive air filtration systems as mandated to reopen. while it's simple enough to clean and sanitize and ask folks to sign-in for classes, additional requirements to limit 33% of capacity and wear face masks at all times will make it harder to operate; to pay teachers or even provide an authentic yoga practice.


we can't imagine that the current situation will last forever and believe there will be a time when things return to 'normal', but what about the meantime?


a few things come to mind; one) we appreciate your support of the studio, but things being the way they are, we want everyone who has paid ahead of time for classes (and still has remaining 'credits' in unused classes) to know that they have this opportunity to get a pro-rated refund. simply reply to this email and we will be happy to refund your balance. just let us know how to contact you through post office or in person. questions? please ask!


two) the studio is not closing, but it may look different for awhile. of course, we encourage you to use the space for your own personal practice. there are many times during the week then the studio will be empty. if you want access, let us know and you will be given a door pass. be advised, private classes may be held at various times, so we would ask that you respect those times when the studio is reserved. we are working on developing a system of private (read: very limited) classes you can initiate with your favorite teacher(s). if this sounds at all interesting to you, even if you are not ready to commit, just let us know!


three) if you have personal mats or blocks or other items at the studio, please come and get them. we will repeat this: if you have any personal items (mats, blocks, blankets, water bottles, etc.) please come down and collect them. if you need access just call ahead to gain a door pass. this is very important to effectively clean the studio and to help maintain it.


right now, there is only one regularly scheduled practice session, mon-wed-fri mornings at 7 am. it is a short form (one hour) practice based upon a set series of 39 postures (and/or their modifications). it is open to anyone, free and you're encouraged to give it a try. we have posted a downloadable JPG with the entire practice outlined available here on our website or on the studio facebook page or by request and email.


we thank you for your support of the studio, look forward to when we can practice together again and hope you and your family remain safe, healthy and happy.


om shanti, shanti, shanti!


jeff and the satyana family



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