The foundations for modern yoga go back many thousands of years to ancient India.

The first written teachings on the practices of yoga are attributed to Patanjali, the author of "The Yoga Sutras."


In 196 sutras, or verses, he describes what yoga is and how to go about attaining it. Patanjali begins:

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We have added a few classes this month and made other changes to the schedule.

There's a brand-new Vinyasa Flow class starting on Monday eves with our newest

teacher, Tara along with changes to Sunday morning and Thursday night timings.

Check out the updated September schedule and the workshop coming in October with Mary Flinn!

"Yoga is the cessation of the thought waves of the mind."  1:2

Breathe! Don't think. Breathe! Nuts I'm thinking again!

Ohh man, why did I eat that whole bag of chips? Yuck!

I really need to get to the store right after class.

I can't stand that loud truck outside! Why doesn't it just go away?

Maybe the teacher will notice how bendy I am getting!

Restorative Yoga & Ayurveda    Click on image for more information.

Weekend workshop with Mary Flinn - October 14, 15 and 16th

We welcome back Mary for a special three-day workshop. This weekend will include ashtanga yoga practice, as well as yin yoga and a Restorative session. As well as a special Fire Ceremony and Healing Circle.

For more information about the weekend and registration, please click on this LINK.

Suite 13 - Paddock Arcade - Downtown Watertown - 315.783.0588