The foundations for modern yoga go back many thousands of years to ancient India.

The first written teachings on the practices of yoga are attributed to Patanjali, the author of "The Yoga Sutras."


In 196 sutras, or verses, he describes what yoga is and how to go about attaining it. Patanjali begins:

"Yoga is the cessation of the thought waves of the mind."  1:2

Breathe! Don't think. Breathe! Nuts I'm thinking again!

Ohh man, why did I eat that whole bag of chips? Yuck!

I really need to get to the store right after class.

I can't stand that loud truck outside! Why doesn't it just go away?

Maybe the teacher will notice how bendy I am getting!

Special Chair Yoga workshop coming soon:

Sunday Dec. 11th at 3:00 pm - Chair Yoga Workshop - $25

with Stephanie. Participants will learn single and double chair, partner chair,

weight chair and breathing techniques.

Click  image for PDF about this workshop.

Winter schedule adjustments:

There will be days when the studio will need to cancel classes due to bad weather. To be consistent, our policy is to close the studio on those days when local schools are also closed. ASAP, we will post those cancellations here and on our facebook page:

Suite 13 - Paddock Arcade - Downtown Watertown - 315.783.0588